Beauty, elegance, comfort and safety are the criteria that any family would love to have for your kitchen, capture the user’s need, the big boss chef industry has turn out consumer eye samples from modern kitchen.

1. Benefits of electromagnetic cooker

Did you know that the electromagnetic cookers do not really produce heat? There is not really anything magical here. Cooker is built on the principle of magnetic field current in the coil and Foucault. Manufacturers put a conductive coil under a sheet of insulating material, insulation (usually glass porcelain insulators for external possibilities, insulation, it also has aesthetic). The electronics flow through the coil creates a magnetic field and bottom of the pot, metal (magnetic iron) heat up, cooked food as for conventional cooking way.

Electric stoves from increasingly popular because it is a cooking method is relatively clean, smokeless, avoid fire and cooked food very fast compared to other cooking stoves with gas stoves. Induction Cooker with high reliability by using good materials, temperature control system is quite accurate and secure.

If you love to cook and often cook, you will understand the fear of cleaning the kitchen after cooking. You will have to regularly clean these miserable stuck in the oven or spices and sauce splattered on the gas stove. Usually people will enjoy a meal first, then wait for the gas stove cools after 1 hour or longer to conduct clean. While you cleaning the cooker surface from extremely simple because it only has a flat and smooth surface. From pot or pan temperature after cooking to cool off after a few seconds makes it easy and quick to clean them.

Benefits of electromagnetic cooker

1. Benefits of electromagnetic cooker

Do you ever forget to turn off the gas stove? Flames from gas stoves would be dangerous environment for your kitchen or children in the home. Cooker without flame to heat content, smooth ceramic surface of it is still safe when you touch the pan or pot even when it is hot. And above all, the kitchen is equipped with electromagnetic features secure off automatically, kitchen turns itself off when there is no pan or pot is set up.

Problem saving is probably the most compelling reason to change from gas to induction cooktop. The thermal efficiency of about 85% from the electric stove (gas stove versus only 55% or less) use economical electromagnetic cooker. It saves more than 20% – 40% energy compared to cook all kinds of pots and pans with cooking surface material is ceramic, glass or aluminum … with conventional stoves.

2. The induction cooktops popular:

The induction cooktop with 1 element

Easily move is the biggest advantage of induction cooktops with 1 element, so with all families the induction cooktops with 1 element is not too strange, it is present in almost all the family. Although only 1 element to cook for high efficiency and fast heating the cookers are suitable for hot pots or dishes to be cooked quickly. Reasonably priced and not too diverse in style, size is the general characteristics of cooker.

The induction cooktops popular

2. The induction cooktops popular

The induction cooktop with 2 elements

Survey kitchen space as well as the needs of the family using the current show from the gas stove or cooker is used in most homes is The induction cooktop with 2 element, captures trends of users, the distributed brands in this market also launched the majority of users are from induction cooktop with 2 elements. The induction cooktop one side on the lively market also shows the difficulty of choosing a good pair for sample induction cooker the family. The induction cooktop with 2 elements today’s best kind? As one of the most common questions of customers whose want to learn about induction cooker.

And many series another of induction cooktop

How to choose the best induction cooktop

Depending on the needs of the family used to choose a suitable template induction cooktop. To pick up a form the best induction cooktop should be based on the following characteristics:

First is the glass cooker: by the glass kitchen where heat directly affected from the bottom of the cooker radiating down, if the glass does not have good heat resistance will very easily lead to glass breakage during to use. Sample cookers from well be the pattern induction cooktop present stoves made of glass of two prestigious brands as glass Schott Ceran or the glass ceramic (K +), two types of glass can withstand temperatures from 600 to 8000C while the maximum temperature of induction cooktop can achieve to 2400C, so you peace of mind for this option. These brands have used two types of glass are Fagor, Munchen, Malmo….

Next to mention the control panel of cooker, induction cooktop the most models currently on the market feature touch panel. But with the touch panel of this type would require a high sensitivity of the keys to, shall control in the event of wet hand (by cooking, users not only use each stove that needs to raw material preparation to cook, so the wet hand during use kitchen is often).

In addition, samples from the kitchen with the cook is capable of automatically identifying the bottom of the cooker, heat fertility fit different sized pots. With natural conditions and at market fuels need samples from smart induction cooker have heat san automatic functions to ensure power supplies as well as other electrical appliances and cooker, this is the characteristic trait this flows induction cooktop.

You may refer to visit induction cooktop reviews products website:

http://www.homedepot.com/b/Appliances-Cooking-Cooktops-Induction-Cooktops/N-5yc1vZc5lx to select the induction cooktop multi-tasking in the kitchen becomes easier and more convenient.

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1. Benefits of using baby room wallpaper

Impact on infant intelligence:

Wallpaper with vivid images, eye-catching, matching child psychology.

The images, motifs, animals on paper as well as help them learn how the natural environment.

Baby hyperactive or graffiti wallpaper is a suitable solution for easy clean up the mess.

Little choppy, so select the wallpaper is the best because when you need may change easily.

The use of wallpaper is also extremely simple. You just need to clean the walls and glued, 30 minutes and have the new space for the baby.

Conformity with modern trends

Nowadays, people are gradually replacing the white wall or a uniform color in countless pictures so beautifully decorated to create a world for children.

Minimize costs.

Wallpaper for your baby to be 3-4 years while painting only 2-3 years must be replaced, the cost is much higher.

Protecting the health of their children: baby or have the habit to eat on the bed, brush the wall. If using lime the wall will be contaminated with chemicals in food. The use of wallpaper will create clean air, fresh, baby do not suffer unpleasant odor like paint.

You have many the suitable options

Currently, there are many kinds of wallpaper with colors and shapes varied, classified by sex and age so much mothers preferred.

2. Guides choose wallpaper for baby

Refer to form lovely wallpaper for baby rooms include cartoon characters, sports equipment, marine and wild animals … Hopefully you get the idea to create a truly lovely place and fun for your baby. However, have a beautiful space, ideally suited to their age and of children is not a simple thing.

You do not necessarily have papered all the walls in the room. Just select one image to highlight. Headboard wall is a good option….

3. Creative with the wild animals

Creative with the wild animals

1.Creative with the wild animals

Use wallpaper to cut into wild animals like elephants and giraffes wall decoration pretty and saving.

4. Decorative ceiling

Sometimes we are busy decorating the walls around the room 4 but forgot 5th wall – the ceiling! Ceiling paper also brings highly decorative effect.

5. Decoration by gender

Gender is the first issue you need to consider

+ For girls, in addition to the combination with stuffed animals, dolly, baby love to combine these lovely photos of animals, fairy forest on the wall, these will do little imagination grown richer. Selecting colors stimulate creativity and imagination as well as impressive pictures, humor.

+ Conversely favored boys boastful personality, dynamic and you can select one wall little baby motifs, patterns simple but still highlights the innovative layout. Most of the boys tend to “express themselves” the supernatural character, immense cosmic world, the heroes of fairy tales, the favorite cartoon characters, cars, planes…

6. By age

a. Children from 0-4 years old

At this age, the ability to recognize the color and geometry and the numbers are still quite simple. Besides, children are very eager to explore the world around them, such as vehicles, cute animals … the object always stimulate the curiosity of children.

Children from 0-4 years old 2.Children from 0-4 years old

Wallpaper with dark green as the leading print vast universe makes the children more interested in exploring life withthe stars, earth or plane with simple colors to help boys become “wise” more.

b. Children from 5-8 years old

Typically, children at this age are always thrilled with the fairy tales, legends, myths, fairy world … Looking to develop imagination and love of life, love animals baby by finding the nursery wallpaper type accordingly.

At this age, your sweetheart will enjoy learning about these things, specific things, he always wanted to know how thoroughly and “turn” you from the smallest problem. Can choose wallpaper with a starry night sky, a cute baby elephant fairytale will contribute to the space lively and loving the baby.

c. Children 9-12 years old

Have to say, the period 9-12 years old, he has gradually become teenagers. She’s always understanding and awareness “quite deeply” about the world. Therefore, when choosing the nursery wallpaper you can give her followers to decide for herself through her private room.

+ For girls, the bunny, cute bear will be selected fairly common at this age.

+ With the “boys” from 9-12 years old, can our choices quite unique and personality with the cartoon characters or favorite comics that.

Children 9-12 years old 3.Children 9-12 years old

Children at this age are often restless and like to experience so you should choose wallpaper with a picture of the adventure of camping with the best family tent for your children feel experience exciting adventures every night.

7. Room size

If the area of the small bedroom, you should limit the types of wallpaper with big pattern. Color paper should have harmony with objects and colors of the room to the space around the baby more airy and comfortable.

Where large room with huge walls, you can think of even the wall bracket brilliant, cheerful and active. The many kinds of wallpaper motifs, patterns will offset about emptiness of the room and also give your baby warm, peaceful.

Take the time to learn the psychology and the development of the baby to be able to choose suitable wallpapers for your sweetheart is the most comprehensive development.

You may refer to website http://www.2modern.com/collections/kids-baby-wallpaper

or http://www.ludacowebdesign.co.uk/tips-to-decorate-the-bedroom-for-beautiful-dreams/

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If you have lots of money and do not know the color scheme of your bedroom, it’s just a mess alone! You should refer to the following tips to turn your room into a haven of desirable, comfortable place to rest and relax after a stressful working hours.

1. Combining compatibility

Add interest to the room by mixing textures as vertical stripes, zigzag, wavy or more youthful summer with seashells, coral or starfish. Both bedrooms filled with natural flavors and fresh and clean, really lovely place for you to relax under the sweltering hot concentration of upcoming summer.

2. Add the details with bold, underline

Bed was the perfect place for you to express the bold design idea because it easily changes and combinations. The choices are endless but decorated more details emphasize the visual impression of the room is the first thing you should do. Fear not mix and match in bed, you should choose a color theme and select darker color theme, shown on the pillows or lampshade.

Add the details with bold, underline

1. Add the details with bold, underline

3. The color for the bedroom

Not only affect the aesthetic elements, colors also have a direct impact on the fengshui bedroom. According tofengshui, the colors in your bedroom should be gentle or warm colors like beige, yellow, peach, coral, brown or pale cocoa getaway to help achieve balance.

Besides the cold tone colors like blue, green, purple lavender blue … which have been scientifically proven to be effective to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, this is the main factor that you delicious sleep, so it is a popular choice in the bedroom. Choose green paint color and pattern the background adorn the walls combination with in the room colors are also considered very beneficial to sleep. However you should not use too many cold tones in the bedroom, because fengshui believed to cause a negative impact to the rest. Ideally the room should have a harmonious combination with the warm colors cold colors rata 50% – 50%.

Colors of mattresses, blankets, pillows, curtains should be in harmony, together with the main color tone of the bedroom. It creates balance and brings energy to no respite.

The color for the bedroom

2. The color for the bedroom

4. Maximize storage space

A bed is beautiful, very fit, bed sheets, pillows and lamps are compatible but with a pile of clutter makes your eyes ache. Let’s put they in the closet this white, classic designs, cute, fit any decorate yet.

5. Accessories for bedrooms

The side tables, bedside and sharp colors are supposed to reduce the airflow is focused on you when sleeping, so you should choose furniture are round or oval or at least this edge should be polished, round.


Accessories for bedrooms

3.Accessories for bedrooms

Whether you’re married or single, the furniture in the bedroom should also have double layout, with the pair as two bedside tables, two lamps…to create the harmony and fullness.

According to fengshui, the bedroom should not have mirrors because they create deep sleep and feeling jittery. If you have a mirror in the room, be designed wing mirrors, hidden in cabinets, absolutely not mirror opposite layout that best bed in the bedroom should not have mirrors.

When hanging the pictures in the bedroom you should avoid painting sad annoying or frustrating. Instead, select the picture or art inspire you or describe what you want in life.

6. Restrictions electronics

“Expulsion” of electronics out of the bedroom is a good thing to do including mobile phones, computers and televisions. Nothing “destroy” atmosphere of quiet, romantic bedroom faster electronic devices.

If these devices are in active mode when you sleep, stop them by unplug, turn off the power. This will help you sleep better, and the room will be a space to rest, relax really, away from modern technological life.

7. Decorate unique bedroom wall

The bedroom is put in a static block of space in the house. Normally, this space only a few items of basic furniture and are decorated very simply to help you relax, unwind after a long work day. However, the layout so easy to make the bedroom becomes tedious and lacking highlights. If you are looking for decorating the bedroom beautiful medium that remains are the simple, the idea of ​​decorating the walls will be very rewarding for reference.

In the bedroom should avoid large blank wall, because it causes a sense of emptiness. The large decorate hangings with wall art (including pictures). The black and white photograph of bedroom furniture offers modern style and beauty.

The idea of ​​arranging a bed next to your choice is hanging paintings will make a surprise well enough to bring loads of fun. The paintings in the bedroom not follow any rules at all, you just hang them all up on preference, provided they themselves feel beautiful is enough!

8.  Sheets and pillowcases cushion appropriate

When it comes to sleeping comfort, nothing is more important than your mattress sheets. Cushion appropriate bedding can make the difference between launching person, flipping people and slept like a baby. If your bed linen cushion with longevity than 10 years, or you feel body aches every morning, or waking several times during the night just to adjust sleeping position, they should replace it is as soon as possible .

Many experts gave extremely useful advice that a cushion is flat, not too thick will be good for sleep, support the blood circulation to the brain and release fatigue better.

You should also check the label on the blanket, pillow … of you whether they are made of natural material or not? If not, you should switch to better products, natural fiber derived. Happily, the new replace the sheets and pillow cushions, although they can be quite costly.

You may refer to website http://www.wikihow.com/Decorate-Your-Bedroom


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In the interior design and construction it is now very focused on layout and color scheme how to get good space small but still beautiful and equally comfortable luxury. In which the use of stickers to decorate contribute an indispensable in modern houses.

Have you ever thought it would be refreshing tiny room, familiar with the jacket on the wall of the “colored shirt” lovely and poetic yet? Whether you have only a modest apartment area but you can still turn it into a space of peace, spacious and spacious with a little creativity with wallpaper. They not only make room space becomes new, more spacious but also dispel the tension after a hard working day.

To select the wallpaper help your apartment looks harmonious, spacious and cozy is not a simple thing. Here are some suggestions for you to choose suitable wallpapers for your apartment.

When choosing wallpaper for the house, you should pay attention to color and texture of the paper pattern.

Depending on the type of room in each house where you can choose different wall panels.


The living room

1. The living room

The living room is where public members of the family and home living, your friends to play. So to have a fun entertainment you choose to use wallpaper with bright and neutral colors are the visual tricks to make sense of a larger space living room. You can create vignettes on accents or wallpaper can also be green and fresh flowers and a natural landscape the blue color of the sea water from the wallpaper will make the space more liberal chamber, gently.

The bold vivid picture of nature as an open space will welcome greenery and flowers in the room with the sunflower, yellow background generated controversy not only ventilation, but also light house help space filled with energy.

Or the plate wallpaper with the appearance of the river, the sea will bring a fresh, pleasant space for your house. It is not just a new coat jacket more broken living room but also make space becomes polite house, luxury and style better.

   For the kitchen should choose wallpaper with soft colors usually white or a neutral color as possible and moisture resistant, heat resistant.

When choosing wallpaper for a kitchen should pay attention to reliability, high heat resistant, non-stick oil, resistant and easy to clean. Colors and textures, choose the paper type with pale colors such as milk color, gray, light gray … .with simple pattern gently creates cool, airy space for the kitchen.

In addition, selected samples for kitchen wallpaper should be covered with a layer of nylon and has a thickness greater than the paper used for the bedroom or living room.


Airy space for the kitchen

2. Airy space for the kitchen

7   For the bedroom, you need to create a subdued atmosphere, relax with wallpaper in soft colors or giving your child a suitable living space with wallpaper Trestintas Barcelona’s company from Spain.

Since the characters in fairy tales for girls or daydreaming, scientific models for adventurous boys or the characters in the famous cartoons are funny simulated on advanced materials level.

The collection was created by five artists are very experienced in the design of home decoration and childhood psychological understanding, the artistic image in the collection Once Upon A Time will bring the spirit world healthy and quiet dreams, consistent with the child’s development.

1. Choose the wallpaper in the direction of home

Selecting wallpaper matching the user will bring a relaxed, comfortable and contribute unique embellished for each room.

+ North or northeast: to choose wallpaper with bright colored houses

+ To the west, the southwest; to reduce glare, blazing sun and heat absorption should select samples pale wallpaper and coordinated with transition surface roughness as stone, tile, flooring, avoid reflective.

+ To the north, Northeast: this is geared more light receiving surface or the time of day is not much light, you should choose the type of wallpaper has a bright color contrasts and coordination.

+ To the south, southeast; this is welcomed strong light guides with high illumination angle, you can use dark-colored wallpaper and more diverse, even the traditional colors like red betel residue, soil yellow, green moss.

2. The outstanding advantage of wallpaper

+ Wallpaper has the advantages as you can’t choose to refurbish a home

+ These sheets of wallpaper durable

+ If the paint is often faded, peeling, waterproof the wallpaper never happen that situation. Their reliability can be up to 7 to 10 years. Moreover, just a paper clip that you can hide the flaws or stains on walls or furniture may prescribe, housekeeping immediately after wall without having to wait until the surface is dry paint.

+ The outstanding advantage of this material can be pasted homeowners, auto decoration, auto change countenance the housing space after a period of use was old and boring by reference the experience itself wallpaper paste home.

Impact on infant intelligence:

Wallpaper with vivid images, eye-catching, matching child psychology.

The images, motifs, animals on paper as well as help them learn how the natural environment.

Baby hyperactive or graffiti wallpaper is a suitable solution for easy clean up the mess.

Moreover the removal of wallpaper is not too complex, no dust, no litter around as when using paint.

In summary each one person, one family… have personal preferences when choosing wallpaper. Not only the sophisticated pattern with bright colors suitable for families like fun, sociable, hospitable but also you noted to not choose too bright color easy to make you dizzy and tired. The quiet family should choose what kind of wallpaper with soothing light colors, simple patterns but looking to create a feeling of freshness and spacious.

Come with us to assert your aesthetic choices with exquisite and inspiring offline!

You may refer to website  http://www.ludacowebdesign.co.uk/versatile-sofa/

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– Guestrooms are regarded as an important position in the overall space house. This is the first destination which shows the layout Quartet as well as of the owner. So should choose those items that make friendly and open for you while welcome and communicate with the guests of the family. Guestrooms also common space for all members, select sofa gently nuanced elegance with integrated utilities that facilitate real layout and furnishings create a relaxing comfort.

– Sofa furniture is beautiful with efficient features are big market nowadays.

The sofa can choose many ways but with the space is not large, the versatile sofa is occupies the hearts of users.

– Today, on the market there are many designs and models for a sofa to the landlord assured selection. However to meet the interior design living room, especially small room with many different uses, the sofa below 3 models can ensure pamper the most discerning householders.


What is the attraction of this type of sofa patterns

1. What is the attraction of this type of sofa patterns?

– If the leather sofa with smooth surfaces, cold feeling … then re-upholstered sofas with unbeatable advantage and being the majority of customers choose to use when winter weather day one more cold. A versatile sofa table cloth with appropriate colors, feeling calm, warm, pleasant will pervades the space in your family house.

– Sofa table cloth type of sofa is covered with woven fabric, feels soft and warm. On the market today, sofa fabric is very diverse in form, color as slippery one color, patterned sofa fabric, plaid, checkerboard…

– Not only have smooth contours this is an example of magical transformation of multifunctional furniture modern. This includes sofa pads, wooden shelves and hand-based, full range of functions you want. However, depending on demand you can sort them into the chair or chairs, beds and even the furniture quickly and handy.


Storage space is expanded

– The biggest advantage of this versatile sofa is transformed according to the needs of users:

  • The seats with L-shaped tail and a short bench for extra living room space.
  • Being a smart furniture, sofa bed is constructed as an ordinary sofa, but only a few small actions that it could turn into a lovely bed, unique and extremely comfortable for the family members have hours of relaxation and rest with a few pillows.
  • Storage area newspapers and other items to be expanded with convenient wooden shelves or anything you want.
  • The most convenient is they can serve many purposes such as sleeping bed sometimes turns in more guest house with a few minor changes manipulation.

In particular, for the house has a small area, a versatile sofa becomes practical, useful when homeowners want to take advantage of the indoor space, extra bed layout when you have children, guests or have maids.

2. Storage space is expanded

– Versatile size sofa fit and balance with space, size is not too small sofa they do not become an empty room, but not too big to get in the way or interfere with good air pulses in style fengshui.

– This new design not only makes the user satisfied with the transformation: rich: an L-shaped couch, double bed, single bed but also a spacious storage. Hollow body design chairs to be able to store a lot of different types of furniture such as blankets, pillows, or other compact machines. With a small space but there is much demand, this is a design worth the money, worth the investment.

– The sofa set is also more convenient than when opening the seat is also very simple, because there have two sides steel bar should just grab a chair and lifted his hand lightly as possible open storage compartment.

– Another feature with the versatile interior design other. This design is more convenient in that it is somewhat fixed foot. When you want to change from the seat of the other items, just twist the top is flipped can easily use a new shape. Besides the main function of the bed seats available and easy to implement and quickly service needs sleep.

Just rotate the horizontal section is a double bed cushions appear.

All movements changes shape are very simple and easy.

A small note to clients is to try buying a versatile sofa removable cushion cover and perform the operation turned into a sofa in the store to make sure the buyer is not difficult to use at home.

Besides, the coupling to the versatile sofa opens must be checked in detail, careful to avoid the fallen or broken during use. Hence, advice for those customers wishing to buy a sofa is choosing the company specializes in providing large furniture, reputed to be reassuring to use.


  • Space living room is always important where seating and relaxing and family reunions. Ministry sofa is the special furniture, creating a lovely focal point in the living room space. So to decorate and refresh their homes, one of the simplest ways is to use versatile sofa. Nice design and variety for your best choice. Choose versatile sofa for your home more comfortable.

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